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One of my greatest accomplishments as a writer - even as an "amateur" - was when I self-published my first book, Broken Dreams and Answered Prayers, a sweet story of love, romance and happy endings. But more than just a beautiful love story, writing this book was like "giving birth" to my writing career. The lessons I learned from self-pubbing my first novel proved to be challenging, frustrating, rewarding, and an invaluable life experience. Broken Dreams will ALWAYS be my "baby", no matter how many other books I may write.

After Broken Dreams, I was inspired to continue writing and a year later self-published my second book, Letting Go: Emily's Homecoming. A bit more of a challenge, this book was written from a place of raw emotion and was the hardest to write of the three books I've written to date. I was honestly glad when it was completed. After writing this book, I truly understood what Ernest Hemingway meant when he said, "There is nothing to writing; all you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed." I think I "bled" more with this book than any other so far.

For various reasons, I took a long break from writing and didn't write anything for a few years. I guess I was having "writer's block", but thankfully it didn't last long, and my next novel was soon "born". 

Heart in a Bottle was a fun and exciting book to write, although it took quite a bit of research to make sure I got all my facts right, and my story line made sense! Without telling you too much, I'll just say if you like a good murder mystery, combined with exciting romance, you'll love this book! 

Much to my dismay, health issues forced me into another, much longer, writer's block. I had NO desire, much less energy to write, and I was afraid my "well had gone dry." And although it lasted a few years, the writing well finally filled back up and with renewed health and vigor, a new story sprung forth from that once dry and dusty abyss. My fourth book, Unimaginable Hope is in full swing and I anticipate a publishing date of sometime late 2020. Stay tuned! 

UPDATE!!! My fourth self-published novel, Unimaginable Hope was released in April 2021! See more details and ordering information below!

All four of my books can be found on, (see links below), along with various other websites which Amazon authorized to sell for me.  And while I enjoy the self-publishing process, it has certain disadvantages, such as losing control of where and how much your book sells for. After listing with Amazon, imagine my dismay in finding out my books were selling for several different prices on many different sites. It is for that reason that I am researching alternate means of publishing, and may end up only offering my books for sale exclusively on this website. If that is the case, you can be assured you will only pay ONE PRICE, and I will be assured my books aren't drifting around cyberspace being sold at all different prices. Until I can afford to hire an agent and a publishing house to publish for me, I will do what I can to protect my books from unauthorized exposure. Contrary to what you may think, having your name out there anywhere and everywhere is NOT always in your best interest!

I'd like to think that with each book I write, I become a better writer. And though I may never become famous or make any significant money from my writing, the satisfaction and pleasure it brings me is somehow enough. I recognize that it is a very special gift from God that I can enjoy and share with others, and that brings me MORE joy and happiness than all the money or notoriety in the world. Of course, if I DID happen to write a "best-seller" and become an "overnight success", I wouldn't mind that either! ;)

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unimaginable hope

Maggie Kessler is forced to hold onto unimaginable hope when she is faced with a bleak health diagnosis AND the possibility of a broken marriage.

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