About Me

I've been writing "creatively" since I was old enough to hold a pencil. Being somewhat of an introvert growing up, writing was a way I could express myself without having to "people" too much. Starting with simple, unpolished journaling as a pre-teen, my writing has greatly evolved over the years, and I am proud to say I am now the self-published author of three Christian romance novels, and currently working on my fourth! 

Despite my self-proclaimed success, my writing has unfortunately not afforded me the luxury of making it a full time career. However, I am the owner of a highly successful website design business, now going into my eighth year. And while website design allows me a certain amount of "creative freedom", it is only through my writing that I can truly break free and let my soul "bleed."

Lastly - and it should be "firstly" - I give God ALL the glory for endowing me with the ability and creativity to write, and for all the joy and success it has given me so far. My prayer is that as long as I am alive, I am able to write, and that my writing will somehow inspire or touch others in a positive way.

Thanks for staying with me this long. I appreciate your visit and hope you'll come back often! Please feel free to send me your comments on anything you read in this blog.