What is "bohemian typewriter"?

"Bohemian typewriter" is a font type, and the inspiration for this blog. I have always considered myself the bohemian type - creative, carefree and a little on the "wild side". The Oxford dictionary defines "bohemian" as -

"socially unconventional in an artistic way." 

Writing is an artform, and I dub myself as a "Bohemian Christian Romance Novelist", meaning my stories are based on Christian morals and principles, but with an "edgy side" that incorporates "real life" feelings, emotions and events. There may be an occasional curse word or "uncomfortable" storyline that brings out the "human side" of the character and makes the story more believable. And while I would NEVER compromise my Christian beliefs or principles, my books are written with from everyday life and raw emotion, and that sometimes means stepping beyond the sanctity and moral bounds of religion. However, my books will NEVER contain explicit, x-rated or morally corrupt material, or be unsuitable for most readers. In the end, good Christian lessons always overshadow any derogatory content, and hopefully leaves the reader uplifted, encouraged and closer to God.